Premium Location

Located in the heart of Phnom Penh, with easy and convenient walking access to the central business district and popular world-class shopping destinations.


Everything is within your reach, including hospitals and healthcare clinics, international universities, banks, shopping mall, schools and kindergarten


Leading the Trend

The first large-scale high-rise development project in downtown Phnom Penh, created to meet the demand for high-end urban living culture.

The Project

Olympia City is in the heart of Phnom Penh,the capital of Cambodia, and is the new symbol of growth, development and modernity.

Olympia City will include

Residential condominiums, commercial land office buildings, serviced apartments, hotel Olympia Plaza and Olympia Tower.

The first phase, which is the central focus, will be made on the construction of the whole building foundation with creation of condominiums, 7-story Olympia Plaza Supermarket. The Final phase will be completed by 2018, which will include construction of above 50-story and 60-story buildings. The Olympia Project has proven to be one of the most successful real estate projects in Cambodia.


  • Located in the heart Phnom Penh
  • Affordable, and offering simple payment methods. Low down payment and easy loan application.
  • The Investment area is on the daily raise.
  • Unique design plans developed by the company in cooperation with a foreign firm.
  • Increased confidence and exceptional quality construction

Miracle of Phnom Penh

  • The greatest 11 acres (44,150sqm) plot of land at the heart of Phnom Penh
  • Located adjacent to major streets such as Monireth Boulevard, with walking distance to the central business district and popular shopping destinations
  • Journey in the largest mixed-use complex in the heart of Phnom Penh Olympia City is where joy of life takes place.